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George Bernard Shaw stated: “We don’t quit playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we quit playing.”  This statement speaks of more than just an age number or how one feels.  A sedentary life leads to physical and mental regressions that, essentially, make one “old”.  The cardiovascular system becomes less efficient, resulting in an increased risk of atherosclerosis and causing an increased performance demand of the heart.  The muscular system becomes less flexible causing movement restrictions.  The body’s joints lose their ability to move in different planes of motion.  Suddenly, one does not move sideways or rotates as well as they once did.  This can have a huge impact on the golf game, for example!  For everyone (particularly for the elderly), the lack of motion, decreased strength, and muscle tightness will result in a decrease in balance.

Mental effects can be detrimental also.  As the saying goes: “a strong body leads to a strong mind”.  Staying active can allow one to maintain mental acuity.  The brain is an organ just like the heart, the liver and the lungs.  It thrives on an efficient and sufficient blood flow.  Thus, when one exercises, a healthy blood supply to the brain is also enhanced.  Translation: one FEELS younger!  A stronger, active mind and body offers the potential to ward off an onset of Alzheimer’s.  Being active and participating in a stretching program can also help to minimize the detrimental effects of Parkinson’s.

It has been proven through research that an exercise program (or, simply, maintaining an active lifestyle) is the one variable that an individual can control in addressing/reducing/preventing diabetes.  Many people who have been diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes (Type II Diabetes) have actually been able to eliminate their medications simply by being consistent with even a moderate activity program.

Want to remain young at heart, mind and body?  BAYLIFF INTEGRATED WELLNESS can help to keep you on the playground of life!

Beth K.'s Review Beth K.
5 Stars

David is an excellent physical therapist who specializes in in-home concierge therapy. This means that he will come treat you in the comfort of your own...

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Giancarlo E.'s Review Giancarlo E.
5 Stars

I have used David for his on site therapy services and he was punctual, professional and extremely knowledgable about physical therapy. Would recommend.

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Matt B.'s Review Matt B.
5 Stars

I have been trying for a number of years to improve on my flexibility. With the help of Mr. David Bayliff the last 6 months or so, I'm finally starting to...

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