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BIW for the Athlete

Being an athlete is all about optimal movement, maximum power, core and balance stability, cardiovascular and muscular endurance. A deficiency in any one of these areas can compromise the athlete’s ability to perform at his or her highest level. The long-term impact of one or more of these areas being deficient is a possible injury. Many higher-level athletes, and even some recreational athletes, do a remarkable job of crafting the skills needed to be the best athlete possible. This includes hours of practice, strength training, speed training and footwork drills.
But all to often one key element that is neglected is the RECOVERY of the athlete’s body.
Many athletes, regardless of their sport, constantly push themselves to their physical limits. Often what is missed is actually caring for the body. With extensive training, muscles can become tight and fatigued leading to eventual movement pattern restrictions. It is common that regions of the body that provide stability during movement get neglected during training. These are typically the muscle groups and movement patterns that involve side-to-side motion (Frontal plane movement) and/or rotational motion (Transverse plane movement). Instead, these regions are over-used, causing a build-up of stress – thus, ultimately leading to injury.
Bayliff Integrated Wellness works with each individual to customize a training plan that can lead to maximum athletic performance while reducing the potential for injury. Programs are designed to simulate the sport’s functional movement patterns. This allows the athlete to optimize strength, power, and endurance to allow for the most successful outcomes during performance.
Additionally, Bayliff Integrated Wellness offers a full body assessment of the athlete in order to identify any possible biomechanical restrictions that may hinder the athlete’s performance and/or lead to possible overuse injuries.
Taking the time to allow the body to recover and to address tissue structures that are becoming tight is an excellent way to avoid injury and, thus, lost time participating on the field!
Beth K.'s Review Beth K.
5 Stars

David is an excellent physical therapist who specializes in in-home concierge therapy. This means that he will come treat you in the comfort of your own...

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Giancarlo E.'s Review Giancarlo E.
5 Stars

I have used David for his on site therapy services and he was punctual, professional and extremely knowledgable about physical therapy. Would recommend.

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Matt B.'s Review Matt B.
5 Stars

I have been trying for a number of years to improve on my flexibility. With the help of Mr. David Bayliff the last 6 months or so, I'm finally starting to...

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