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Personal Training

Bayliff Integrated Wellness (BIW) offers a variety of services to meet your needs. David has been a licensed physical therapist since 1994. Manual therapy skills are utilized to address range of motion and other movement restrictions following surgery. Mobilizations can be administered to reduce pain and to increase mobility in various joints such as the spine and shoulder (among others).

Many clients choose Bayliff Integrated Wellness for the purpose of being proactive in their health. David provides stretching and soft tissue mobilization (massage) in order to avoid stiffness and/or potential injury from overuse to active individuals such as golfers, runners, hikers, tennis players, cyclists just to name a few. Teenagers involved in club sports also benefit from BIW as a complement to their training regiment. Through sessions with Bayliff Integrated Wellness, the athlete is able to address muscle tightness that develops from his or her extensive training, thereby reducing the risk of injuries that could then lead to the athlete missing part or all of a season. Many college scouts attend club games, so it is critical for the young athlete to avoid missing out on his or her chance for being seen.

Personal training is also a service provided in the comfort and privacy of the home. Workout plans are designed to meet the client’s needs. With David’s physical therapy background and knowledge, attention is placed on avoiding developing any injuries or from aggravating any old injuries that the individual may have previously experienced.

Experiencing an annoying spasm or lingering headache? Dry needling could be indicated for you. Dry needling is a sterile technique in which a blunt monofilament needle is inserted into the identified trigger point(s) for the purpose of releasing the spasm, reducing pain, and re-establishing the proper blood flow in the muscle. The technique is quick and virtually pain-free.

Laser therapy is also available to address soft tissue injuries such as tendinitis and strains. Laser therapy is effective by stimulating an increase in blood flow to the area, which promotes tissue healing. The treatment is a short procedure and results in minimal discomfort. Laser treatment can be administered to nearly all body areas and with no major contraindications.

Beth K.'s Review Beth K.
5 Stars

David is an excellent physical therapist who specializes in in-home concierge therapy. This means that he will come treat you in the comfort of your own...

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Giancarlo E.'s Review Giancarlo E.
5 Stars

I have used David for his on site therapy services and he was punctual, professional and extremely knowledgable about physical therapy. Would recommend.

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Matt B.'s Review Matt B.
5 Stars

I have been trying for a number of years to improve on my flexibility. With the help of Mr. David Bayliff the last 6 months or so, I'm finally starting to...

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